5 Powerful Mind Hacks That Will Propel You Towards Great Success — The Mindvalley Podcast

“Whenever any event occurs, it does not cause suffering. Suffering happens the instant you decide something is ‘terrible’.”

How do you react when unexpected events disrupt your life? In this episode of The Mindvalley Podcast, tune in to learn some practical ways you can overcome anxiety and bring back a sense of certainty no matter how bumpy the ride may get.

Listen out for:

  • Why your awareness works like a flashlight.
  • Ways to control your mental chatter.
  • The true purpose of setting a goal.
  • The question you should ask yourself to transcend fear and anxiety.
  • Live bonus Q&A session.

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Srikumar S Rao

Srikumar Rao is the author of “Are You Ready to Succeed?” and creator of the celebrated MBA course, “Creativity & Personal Mastery.” // theraoinstitute.com