How to Access the Boundless Energy That is Within You!

Srikumar S Rao
4 min readJan 6, 2023

In my last blog — Boundless Energy is Within You — I asserted that you have more energy than you ever dreamed of locked within you. All you need to do is learn how to tap into it.

First let me give you a taste of what it feels like to have such energy and joy. Below are two passages from The Way of the Pilgrim where it is readily apparent what his inner state of spiritual exaltation was. He was an Orthodox Christian and makes frequent reference to Jesus. It works just as well with any other figure of spiritual inspiration or even if you think of ‘The Universe.’

There were days when I covered forty-seven miles or more and I did not even feel the effort of walking. The prayer alone filled my consciousness. When it was bitterly cold, I prayed more fervently, and soon I’d feel warm all over. If hunger threatened to overcome me, I would call upon the name of Jesus Christ with renewed vigor, and soon my hunger was forgotten. If I felt ill and pain racked my back and legs, I would give myself over to the prayer and soon was deaf to the pain. If someone offended me, I needed only to remember the sweetness of the Jesus prayer and all hurt and anger vanished. All was forgotten.

The prayer of the heart delighted me so much that I thought there could be no one happier than I in the whole world, and could not imagine how there could be any greater or deeper contentment in the Kingdom of Heaven. Not only did I experience all this within my soul, but everything around me appeared to be enchanting and inspired me with love for, and gratitude to, God. People, trees, plants and animals — I felt kinship with them all and discovered how each bore the seal of the name of Jesus Christ. At times I felt so lightweight, as if I had no body and were not walking but rather joyously floating through the sky. At other times I entered so fully into myself that I saw clearly all my inner organs, and this caused me to marvel at the wisdom that went into creating the human body. Sometimes I knew such joy that I felt as if I had been crowned a king. It was at such moments of consolation that I wished that God would grant me to die as soon as possible so I could pour myself out in gratitude at his feet in the spiritual world.

So how does one get to that state? How can one feel effervescent joy? How can one never feel tired and always be brimming with energy.

The Pilgrim’s answer is simple. It is not easy.

What one has to do is “pray without ceasing.”

Here is how to “pray without ceasing.”

More important than attending to breathing, one must learn to call upon the name of God at all times, in all places and during all manner of activity. The apostle says ‘pray without ceasing.’ That is, he teaches constant remembrance of God at all times, in all places, and under any circumstances. If you are busy doing something, you must remember the Creator of all things. If you see light, remember Him who gave it to you. If you look at the sky, the earth, the waters and all that is in them, marvel and glorify the Creator of all. If you are putting your clothes on, remember Him whose gift they are and thank Him who provides everything in your life. In short, let every action be an occasion for you always to remember and praise God, and before you know it, you are praying unceasingly and your soul will always rejoice in this. Do you see how this method of achieving unceasing prayer is convenient, easy, and accessible to any person who has at least some measure of human feelings?

Simple, but not easy. When you set out on this path you discover that you ‘lose’ the witness, the entity that would like to pray without ceasing, in seconds.

Don’t beat yourself up or shoot Second Arrows at yourself.

Just begin again.

Do this over and over and over and over.

It is a rest-of-your-life endeavor.

But, one day, the journey of a thousand miles, the journey that begins with a single step, will come to an end.




Srikumar S Rao

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