How to Achieve Rocket-Propelled Success in the New Year!

Srikumar S Rao
3 min readJan 9


In my last blog I shared with you an insight that can truly change your life. Perhaps you read it cursorily.

Go back and read it again. Ponder it. There is a nimiety of possibility in that short piece.

The point I made in that blog is that we do not really want what we think we do. We want to bask in the feeling we think we will have when we get what we think we want.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs so let’s use this as an example.

You want to grow your company. You want to run a billion-dollar company. But what you really want is the feeling you think you will have if you were running a billion-dollar company.

Now, if you accept this, why do you continue trying to grow your company to a billion-dollar business?

Because you think, in your head, that the only way you can get the feeling of running a billion-dollar company is by actually running one.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage by living in a split world. You live simultaneously in two different ‘realities.’ This can be done, but it requires dedicated effort on your part.

On one level you go on with your life exactly as before. You strive with might and main to drive revenues to ten figures.

On another level you recognize that this is just a game you are playing. What you really seek is the feeling of completeness that is lacking in your life. You want to feel whole, you want to experience pure joy, you want to drop your ‘wanting’ self.

I repeat, this can be done. It is not easy, but persistence will get you there. I will say more about how to do this in future columns.

Here is where it gets really interesting.

When you succeed in straddling both worlds you recognize that you are not ‘doing’ anything. Things are happening but you are not ‘doing’ them. Rather, you are merely the instrument through which things are happening.

Every day, when you get up, you ‘do’ a ton of stuff without feeling that you are ‘doing’ any of it. You brush your teeth, go to the toilet, take a shower and so on. It just happens. You never feel that each is an activity that you did.

What if your entire life was like that? Where plans are made and actions taken but it all just happens?

This is possible. You will need to adopt a different mindset and I will show you how to do so in the coming weeks.

When you are anchored in this space, all stress disappears. And stretch goals are reached effortlessly and exceeded handily.

This sounds unbelievable, but it is exactly how it is.

You have boarded the rocket that will take you to success beyond your dreams.

Here is wishing that you discover the truth of all this for yourself in 2023.




Srikumar S Rao

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