This Thief WILL Get Everything You Own!

Sometimes a joke can convey an important life lesson.

You have to be open to it and the stars have to align and then the punch line can crack you open and give you an insight into the predicament in which you are stuck.

We spend our time and energy collecting stuff.

Look in your closet. I will wager there is stuff there that you have not worn for years and may even have forgotten you own.

And still you buy new clothes.

And its not just physical items. You want fame and power and to be liked and to feel secure. And you strive mightily to acquire the ‘things’ that you believe will give you those intangibles.

And your quest for all this is the story of your life.

Charles and Sam were on a tour bus in a remote part of the world and were hijacked by bandits. The robbers immediately collected everyone’s cell phone and laptop and electronic devices including iWatches.

Then they began at the front of the bus, stripping each passenger to their underwear and confiscating cash, credit cards and jewelry.

Sam nudged Charles. “Do you remember the $200 I borrowed from you?” he asked. “Here it is.”

And that reminds me of another incident in the novel Shantaram. The protagonist has just arrived in Bombay. He is on the lam and traveling under a false name and wanted by Interpol. An assistant called Prabhakar has forced himself on him. The protagonist takes out a bottle of whiskey and Prabhakar takes a tipple. And another. And yet another. Seeing how much Prabhakar likes it, the protagonist gives him the bottle.

Prabhakar goes silent and remorseful, so the protagonist asks him what happened. “If I had known I was drinking from my bottle and not your bottle, I would not have indulged so freely,” explains Prabhakar.

And, as you smile, remember that you, also, are doing something similar. There is a thief waiting for you who will strip you of everything you have acquired so painfully. And there is nothing you can hide. He will get it all.

What you don’t know is when you will meet that thief. Your position does not matter. Death will lay his icy hand on kings.

Everyone, but everyone, “ High though his title and proud his name, boundless his wealth as wish can claim” will meet the Grim Reaper and surrender their all.

Keep this in mind and begin the process of surrendering your stuff now.

Your life will improve.




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Srikumar S Rao

Srikumar Rao is the author of “Are You Ready to Succeed?” and creator of the celebrated MBA course, “Creativity & Personal Mastery.” //